Refund Policy of Get Contest Votes Online   is not liable to refund any of the amount paid. The service provider will not be responsible whether you lose or win contest or disqualify. You have to decide the number of votes required to make you win and then can place order accordingly. No matter, you can always ask us for last minute votes and we will definitely help you in providing. Read below to know more about Refund Policy.

Since, we don’t get any profit or prize share whenever our customer wins. Similar, we are not liable for any loss.

Cases where you can ask for refund –

In case you have not checked whether we can deliver your work or not, you can always ask for your money back.

In case, the administration of your contest has preponed contest end date.

 Circumstances under which refund is NOT covered:-

Your work was completed by us but you disqualified from the contest.

Work was successfully completed by the team and delivered to you.

No refunds will be made in case your votes get deleted by the contest admin.

You can always ask for more votes in case your votes get deleted. But you have Buy those.

Kindly Contact Us or email Us at [email protected] for further clarification.